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About Us

Brewed with Love

namasTEA was established on February 14, 2021 while I was teaching Kindergarteners! There
was an opportunity that rose during COVID and Mama Jenny (my mom) and I decided to take it
and run with it! When we saw that there were vacant spaces becoming available in the Captain’s
Corner shopping center, we dug in deeper. Thinking about what there was in our small town of
Friendswood, we decided a tea shop would be perfect as we did not have one of those at the
time! We originally looked at the current Edgewood Pharmacy space. However, that space was
already spoken for. Knowing that Edgewood Pharmacy would be vacating their, then, location, I
signed my first lease in June of 2020 for that space. We did not have a definite moving day that
KD (pharmacy owner) would be out, so we just cruised. While waiting for KD to vacate, another
space became available to us.

That space is where we are now, the former TCBY of 29 years! I terminated my first lease and
transferred my contract terms over to the TCBY space. I signed my official documents
September 30, 2020. I received my six keys on October 1, 2020. From then, we started the build
out process! It took four and a half months to turn TCBY into namasTEA! It was worth every
day that we waited. I left public education at the end of the 2021 school year.
namasTEA’s overall mission is to create an experience that customers will not get elsewhere.
This starts with our products, but includes the uncommon customer service, the aesthetic of our
shop as well as our sanitary bathrooms that people rave about!

We are open daily from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.! You can find boba, ice cream, sweet treats, Dippin’ Dots and giftables right here in store (and you can also order online)! Come in and see us today and everyday thereafter!

Nam NamasTEA_edited.jpg

Prior to opening namasTEA, I was a teacher for six years! I taught Pre-K and Kindergarten in the public school setting. I have worked in Alvin, Dickinson, and Clear Creek; ending my career right where I grew up, at Landolt Elementary! I have my Bachelors in Childhood Education from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Go Hawks! Recently, my parents and I moved back to Friendswood and we could not be more excited!

Many have asked why" or "how" I left teaching. I will be completely honest with you: opportunity. namasTEA was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I do not regret the change of space one bit! I made the tough decision after signing my lease to hang up my teaching hat in the 2021-2022 school year. I could not possibly teach, help my mom run Jenny's Bakery (right here in the Captain's Corner and one off Nasa Rd. 1), as well as open a business from the ground up. It would not be fair to my students, our bakery customers, my tea customers, or, quite frankly, myself. 

Currently, I am working at the shop full-time while helping my mom with all the back office-type things! I would not trade a minute for the world. It is a lot of work and it is tough work, but it is exactly what I am meant to do. I miss the teaching environment, my students, and my colleagues, but I am grateful that I can build meaningful relationships here as well. 

Enough about me. I would love to get to know YOU! Come on in and visit anytime. We are open seven days a week!

Live. Love. namasTEA.

Nam Dinh, owner

Meet Our Team

Colorful. Efficient. Inviting.

Here at namasTEA we take true pride in knowing our customers on a first-name basis! We are a close-knit team and hope you enjoy your visit and experience at our one-of-a-kind tea and ice cream shop!

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